Which one do you find more appealing?

Figure A:
which one do you find more appealing?
Figure B:

study both pics there are some differences in each pic some changes on one of them

  • Figure A. face is more appealing
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  • Figure B. face is more appealing
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I see absolutely no difference. Are you the same person who posted a bunch of picks the other day and asked which one was better

    • yeah but the question was to guess which one is the original one

    • then i added which one is more appealing after... on the same post

Most Helpful Girl

  • Figure B, the face shape looks as though it was shrunk to look skinnier. I like the first picture.

    • you meant figure A? i know my face would look better if it were smaller and slimmer and if my brows were lower and more closed in lol

    • Yes, I like picture A. Don't change a thing, you look beautiful as you are. I am dead serious.

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What Guys Said 3

  • The look the exact same except the second one seems a tad bit lighter. Probably just my laptop though.

  • I picked "B" because I know what you did.

    • i mean the pic is which one is more appealing not which one is the original one lol

  • I dont see a difference, and I dont like what she is wearing either so that kind of turns me off all together, too much exposure for my liking.

    • pic is from summer time sooo... tank top

    • And I was just saying I dont find tank tops attractive thats all

    • question was about the face though. not the clothing

What Girls Said 1

  • There's barely a difference haha. But A because B is just getting closer, and closer can be kind of awkward, I don't know.

    • pic A i made my face slimmer and smaller and my brows are a bit lower and wider my nose a bit slimer,... pic B is my actual face :/ lmao

    • They look the exact same to me, you really did't need to alter anything, you're already super pretty 😁

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