What's your quarter-life crisis?

I just turned 25 years old and all the pressure i've been experiencing in every aspect of my life is at its peak.

I worry that I won't meet a man that can be a husband prospect as i am really picky.

I worry about my career as I haven't really realized yet what I want to do in the longest run but i've been blessed with good jobs since I was 19 til now.

So in the end, my main crisis is love lol Im afraid if i constantly chase for it, it won't come but then I dont want to just wait either...


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  • Yup better worry about love. Best case scenario

    Takes 1 year to find lover boy
    3 years at least to solidify it
    1 year for engagement
    1 year marriage
    2 years the baby

    This already puts you at 33 ish lol... now lets say at year 3 you guys break up... ouch, yea you know where this is going 😎

    • Exactly!! This is what im telling my friends but most of them are telling i still have til 28 to establish my relationship with a marriage prospect and if by that time im still single, i should start to panic!

    • 25 is a good age for women to start thinking about the guys they meet to be more focus on marriage. 28 seems like a solid panicking age.

      Better sign up to some speed dates 😛

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  • You don't really have a problem. Just be less picky!

  • I went skydiving for my 25th birthday, as well as travel to Nashville. It was great.

    • That's how I dealt with my quarter-life "crisis".

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    • For a guy its not really a problem but for us girls, as we have a time limit for bearing a child, is crucial!

    • 25 isn't really that pressing in terms of that. But the more you approach 30, then it gets more pressing, yes. But still not in a panic-state yet. 35 would be panic-state.

  • If you don't chase for it, there's no way it's gonna come.

    • I agree.. But it doesn't work like that everytime 😞

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