Honestly, what the hell is a dogs obsession with chewing the crotch out of underwear?

Every single female dog I have ever owned and every female dog my family has ever had has had an obsession for chewing out the crotch of underwear. Doesn't matter if they are clean or dirty. They will climb right into the hamper searching for fucking underwear. Last week I went and bought underwear because this stupid dog has managed to eat all mine. These underwear weren't even out of the package and this dog still tore through the unopened package and completely tore through every pair of underwear in that pack. Same thing last night. I went and bought more and left them in the bag on top of my dresser. This fucking dog still found her way up on top of my dresser and ripped through every single one of my brand new underwear. If I don't find a solution then I'm getting rid of the fucking mutt.


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  • Get rid of the horny dog smh

    • Its legit every female dog I've ever had. I don't know if it is because they are just fucking stupid or what! Never had problems with male dogs!

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    • The dog associates the underwear with the smell even if there new.

    • That's pathetic. Looks like I will be getting rid of her. I can't keep wasting money because of her.

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