Why don't black girls like us light skin/mixed guys?

Whenever I try to talk to them, they always say, "I dont really mess with light skins but you get a pass. You're cute."


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  • I've heard a lot say, "dark skinned men are masculine and light skins are too soft." Then, they get mad when black men prefer lighter women 😂
    They call black men "colorstruck" but turn around and do the same thing 😒

    But... I LOVE light skins. About 98% of my crushes have been either light skin or mixed. Partially, because a lot of them are a lot nicer, though 😂😂


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  • because indian and paki men steal all the women in the west


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  • Don't you think you think you'd be better off finding other girls who would like you for the way you are?


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