What do you think of stammering/studdering?

Do you find it annoying or, more importantly, would it be a turn off for you?

Personally, I regularly freeze for a second or so when trying to say the first letter of a word. I try my best to avoid the letters that give me trouble, but it still happens regularly. I often get weird looks or even worse, people repeat what I said and mimic the studdering/stammering thinking it's funny to do so. :(


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  • It wouldn't be a turn off, it just makes me think the person is nervous. Which I find endearing tbh 'cause I'm shy myself. Makes me want to look after them and help them feel relaxed + comfortable around me.

    The making fun of you is horrid, those people must be mean :( . I know some people say the word for people who stammer thinking they're being helpful, and that must get annoying even though they don't mean any harm. Maybe the people teasing don't either and they're just trying to do the 'reference the awkwardness and it will go away' thing; as in trying to make the situation more relaxed by making light of it. But it must hurt either way :( *hugs*

    I have a lecturer at uni who stammers quite badly and occasionally I see people getting exasperated or laughing at him and I kinda want to slap them 'cause he's such an intelligent and inspiring guy, and supportive too as head of the module (I love him 'cause he's nice and leftie haha, but also I just like him generally)

    I just wait for the person stammering to say what they want to and try and put as little pressure on them as possible. Am I right to say the less stressed you are the less of a problem it'll be?

    • Thank you. The making fun part was especially aimed at those who imitate the studdering which is just stupid. I'm not so annoyed by people who try to help me by saying the word, as I know they're trying to help.
      Generally, the less nervous/stressed I am, the less I studder, though this isn't always true. I can talk to my best friends and studder A LOT depending on how enthusiastic or fast I talk. It's more focussing for me. The more I focus on what I want to say at that moment, the better it goes. I think, though not sure, I often think ahead of some word that I have to pronounce correctly or a word I want to stress on, which makes me freeze at what I want to say at that specific moment.
      Anyway, thanks for your answer :)

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    • Thank-you for Most Helpful too ^_^

    • You're welcome. I forgot to hug by the way :( *hugs back*

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  • It doesn't really bother me. I may feel bad for the other person if they can't get out what they want to say, though.

  • it just makes me feel bad for the person who is stuttering.


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