Why does my mom make me feel bad about myself?

My mom does not think about people's feelings before she tells someone something. She feels like her "constructive criticism" (which is actually just being mean) helps people when it does not. She is always pointing out my flaws making me feel bad and then she gets mad when i try to stand up for myself telling her that i dont like when she does that. So today she comes home and i greeted her at the door and immediately she tells me "Whats wrong with your face?" I was freaking out wondering what she was talking about. She said "you have acne all over your face and it is gross... you care nothing about your hygiene and you love looking bad don't you? No guy is ever going to want to be with you with your face looking like that.". I was pissed and really hurt because i know i do not have perfect skin (no one does) and i get extremely self conscious and insecure about my appearence so when she said that to me i ran to the mirror and went to wash my face and get rid of my zits. My mom is always doing this to me she always tells me that i eat too much and that i am going to look like a elephant if i dont stop eating and honestly there is nothing wrong with me I think im healthy and fit but she doesn't. Advice?


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  • Sounds like she's insecure & feels bad about herself & she wants you to feel the same way. I say you boost your confidence & embrace your flaws. Kill her with kindness. If you think you're healthy & fit screw her. Just say thanks & keep it moving.