Do you think what Im doing is bad?

A group of guys alway stare at me as Im walking to my class. I freak out when people look at me so I just look down on my phone. I guess to get my attention they pushed him towards me and said "go ask for her number now" and they said "talk to her." I felt bad since he was with all his friends and they were looking at him and smiling at me. I ended up giving him my phone number but I really want to just stay as friends.
Would you guys prefer it if a girl denied you there or had given you her number and gently let you down?


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  • It wouldn't have mattered either way.

    • So you would have prefered the girl to just say no in front of your friends? I couldn't do that, it just seems really rude and he looked really nervous.

    • Either would have been fine.

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