Who are the 12 tribes of Israel?


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  • The twelve tribes of Israel are also known as the sons of Jacob. And their names are as follows :-
    1) Reuben
    2) Simeon
    3) Levi
    4) Judah
    5) Dan
    6) Naphtali
    7) Gad
    8) Asher
    9) Issachar
    10) Zebulun
    11) Joseph
    12) Benjamin


    • Thank you. But why the smiley face before Asher?

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    • @justbanANNAz wahahaha!! Oh lord I did not see it that way. I feel so foolish haha. But thank you for clearing that up. I had a good laugh now realizing what it really spells

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  • I don't know em off the top of my head If I remember right though after the rapture I think they stay on the earth instead of going up into heaven with the rest of us, either them and or the people with the mark of Cain.

    I know some do because there will still be ministry on the earth after we are gone for a while at least.

  • I'm surprised I remember this. Thanks for reminding me.