Anyone been with winkmodels or another Australian model agency?

I've been only with a Booker (after having had a lot of trouble with an agency) in Europe so independent from any agencies now but I'm considering signing contracts down here.
Just how are things with agencies here? I've heard that it's less pressure in general which is good but how many jobs per month could I be expecting on average if I sign with winkmodels in Melbourne?

Sorry if this is not a topic for a lot of u guys but I just really didn't know where else to post this lol.
So if anyone actually has made some experience here in Australia please let me know!


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  • TV commercials, advertising campaigns, promotional events, photographic modelling, catwalk/fashion modelling (Models for fittings and showings), event/media launches and things like extra work is what WINK specialises in.

    They don't charge you a fee, but you will need to make composite cards, a portfolio and have your name to appear on there website (which will cost money/a fee). I'm expecting anything from the hundreds to $1000.

    They can't really guarantee you work, but they won't put you on there books if they don't feel like you haven't got talent. If you always communicate with them, update your portfolio and attend some castings you are more likely to get some work from them.

    WINK is an agency within Australia, but there primary market is Sydney, so your best bet would be to go to Sydney.

    Taryn is the lady you'll be in contact with, among with other members of her team.

    • Oh, I luckily did bring an online & paper version of my setcard here ~ so I'll look into it a bit more :) thank you for being actually helpful!

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    • Yeah thank you for being so informative :)

    • Thank you for Mh

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  • Yes people have. Most if not all modelling agencies in Australia ask for your upfront payment of around $200-400 and then you never hear from them unless you call them every week asking if they found anything.

    • That's why I've asked for wink specifically, duh. They are an actually professional agency and don't charge you anything.
      So have YOU made experience with Australian model agencies?

  • Nope but it seems more of a scam then not.


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