Does "Working" feels wrong to you?

I realized, at 29, I have had jobs but i have never really worked as in "work" work, if you know what i mean. I have never even bothered to work a single part time job when i was studying, and I have never wanted to "building a career" like working 10 years at a bank or a big corporate and work up the corporate ladder or sh1t like that.

My first job was when i was 22 and worked 3 months summer job at this big company as an account department assistant, ok that was "work" as in i have to be a robot and do pretty much the same thing everyday and everything was structured and cubicled and organized, hence I left after 3 months.

And then I think I didn't work for like 1.5 years, and then a friend hook me up with a sales job at this wall tiles company, and that lasted for like,4 months? Because, come on, who the F want to be a tiles salesman, huh?

And then another few months passed and someone hooked me up with this office job at yet another materials company, but this time it was cement. I mean, things don't get much more boring than cement but then that business is better than printing money because everyone needs, FOREVER.
So the boss was a very rich man and I worked almost directly with him.
But I left that job after 8 months because, who cares for being a big fish in a small pond, right?

And then after that, I got hooked up once again, this time at a small women fashion company.
Well, that was hell.
The boss was a crazy ugly fat bitch and the company was less than 2 years old and never made profit and she was just this idealist who, while sometimes would achieve things that normal people would never have done, but ultimately just someone who is destined to fail at running a business.
But I did learn in a very profound way about what you might call "grit", and about being ballsy in business. As in, if you really want to do something, and you are crazy enough, you really can do it. Or at least you will get a lot further than if you tell yourself "Nope. That can't be done."

(To Be Continued...)


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