Is it abnormal that I don't care about other people?

No, i dont mean im not an empathetic person. I cry when people I've known have died, i feel bad for people when they've been hurt, i'll sometimes cry at emotional moments in movies where a person is experiencing loss, so i dont mean it in the sense of being sociopathic/psychopathic or in the sense of me not having any respect for human life.

i for some reason cannot connect with people. every time i try to, i simply realize that i dont give a shit about who that person is as a person. i dont really care about their life story, their accomplishments, their dreams, their aspirations, none of that matters to me. i can't carry a conversation with people because of how little i care about who they are as a person. people try to talk to me about myself, too, and i typically give half assed answers or just deflect, so its not like im a massive narcissist who only wants to talk about me. I've been invited out to the bar a bunch by my coworkers and i never took them up on their offers (mainly because i dont drink). i dont know why people pay attention to me, and i dont understand why i cannot connect wiht people like others can.

i mean I've tried to ask people about themselves in the past and every time i did id realize that i didn't care, and it was really obvious to the other people that i didn't care and wasn't enthused about what they had to say since im really bad at pretending to like someone. im in this really strange place of feeling lonely but the only remedy goes against how i am like me being a diabetic but being allergic to insulin.


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  • I don't know For me i dont really care about death , I see it as a end of someone's story. Every since i was little and my dog died i dont see death how others see it. i kind of dont think death is a bad thing. I dont really care if others accomplish anything with there lifes unless is affects me. But that could be because i think I'm better than everyone else. Only a very few people i care about and i want 2 see them successful. Most of the time i just talk 2 people 2 understand and them.


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  • lol, same don't worry about it


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