What laptop should I get?

Be going to college soon and i need a new laptop. I have narrowed it down to 2: 13" MacPro Retina and 13" MacAir. I want something thats light so MacAir seems to be the one but it doesn't have that thing for CD and i need it.

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I dont want to get the 15" MacPro cause its too expensive, cost $3000 here.


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  • MacPro's generally have better specs than MacAirs. However, most of them also do not have a CD Drive. You can buy an external CD drive for Macs. Macs are such great computers. I am typing this from a Mac. Macs are built better and run smoothly without problems. Macs start up and shut down so fast to. Mac software is so much more easy to use to. However, there are 2 negative things about Mac computers and they are that compared to a PC they are bad at staying connected to WIFI. They are not terrible at it but you will notice it will drop off WIFI more than a PC will and the other thing is the anti glare coating wears off the screen in only about 3 months and does not look good. So while Macs are fantastic in so many ways they do have these two faults.

    • Also did you know if you buy Apple stuff direct from the Apple store students get 10% off the price?

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    • Also are you sure you can't get the discount. You have to buy it off the Apple Store to get it. Well I contacted Apple themselves and bought it from Apple directly. I thought that was a world wide thing. :)

    • Thank you for MHA

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  • You can always buy a CD driver you can attach by USB. Most modern small laptops don't have the driver too. I prefer the small light ones which i can carry with my books so i prefer MacAir


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  • Does it have to be apple? Is there not a better brand that makes small laptops?

  • Of course you go with the cheaper one

    • I have narrowed it down to two 14" MacPro and MacAir. Do you even read the description?

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    • They're the same price. MacAir is a little bit cheaper but i dont mind spending a little bit more for MacPro

    • Then go with the one you want, right? Why ask us?

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  • I would not recommend getting a Mac at all, they are far too expensive. For half the price, you can get a laptop which performs just as well. ASUS is a pretty good brand.

    • I want mac. All my gadgets are from apple

    • Well in that case, I guess you'll have to live with paying $2000 for a laptop that's worth $900.