Would you think its weird if a woman is 26 and has no dating, relationship history? What assumptions would you make?

I'm approaching weird human status, I know. It seems likely that I will get to 30 and still be tragically single. I've only been with one person (a woman, I'm bi). What would you think about this?


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  • Well I'm not one to judge. I'm 20 and haven't had anyone so it would be wrong of me to say something bad about you. Not that there is anything bad to say about it. It is what it is - sometimes life hands out certain people pretty bad cards.

    • Eh, 20 is still very young. 26 is an entirely different stage of life. I'd think people would be more curious about the 26 year old than the 20 year old in this case.

    • Well you're a woman so you'd probably be excused or given more leniency than I would.

    • At 26? I don't know about that. A lot of people think I should have kids by now lol

  • the only way i can know your character is talk too you for a long period of time. although i admit some people are very cunningly masking themselves... .


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