I dont fall asleep before 2-3 AM and I dont know why?

so i'll be tired around 8-9 PM and unless i have an assigment to write where the duedate is early the next day i'll go to bed. But the thing is that i dont actually fall asleep before 2-3 AM, and i dont get up before 10-11.. so i lose a lot of my day..

I tried working out around 6-7 PM to see if it helped, but it didn't at all.. last night i didn't fall alseep before 3.30 AM

Anyone know how to prevent this? My mother is suspecting stress because of all the assigments i have to hand in, but i only have two left, one just need a little editing and the second one i feel like i have full control over and i can have it done by today...


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  • It could be stress and the assigments. I think because your body got use to not sleeping around that time. Also before going to bed don't eat nothing or drink anything because it will mess up your sleep. Also go to bed with a clear mind because if your going to bed with stuff on your mind then it will mess up your sleep.


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