What does it mean by "eyes that speak"?

I got a lot from freinds that my eyes speak. I don't entirely know what it means... basically I understand they are expressive but I wasn't even trying to (and don't even know how to) express anything through eyes.

Have you ever had such comment for someone? If so, how do their eyes look like to you? I"m just curious :)


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  • Yes a lot of people believe that eyes are the most expressive part of your body - It is most likely said as a compliment to someone - The best way to describe it is how you feel when you look in a person's eyes say for example you look at a friend and they are laughing, smiling then you look in their eyes and you noticed they look sad, you think that the person is just pretending to be alright for your sake, you must ask them are they alright.


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  • Your eyes tell what you're feeling or thinking.

    • Thanks for the answer :) I think everyone's eyes do the same. Can I know what's special about it?

    • Yeah but it also means people like looking at your eyes so you probably have pretty eyes.

    • Thank you again :)

  • that face expressions can sometimes give away what's on your mind

    • Thanks for the answer :)

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