Why do pampered girls think they are princesses?

Ok no offenses but... but what the fuck!!!111
Why do the girls who are pampered a lot since childhood end up acting as if they are princesses and rest of the world is shittty asshole [less important]
Like I just dont have a problem with it but i have seen many girls suffering a lot even after silly heartbreak or unfulfilled demands... Like I just hate such parents who pamper their daughters so much that it gets too late for her to face the real world... People really hate such girls. Is there anyone else who thinks that parents should stop pampering their daughters toooo much/?
Not pointing anyone here... just general opinion on todays matter


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  • Pampering your daughter should involve daddy/daughter dates, painting her toenails, and letting her wear tutus in public. NOT spoiling her rotten and letting her get and do whatever she wants.

    Parents should be 100% responsible for preparing their kids for the real world as much as they possibly can. That should definitely include telling your kids no :)

    I have met very few women that are that spoiled though.


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  • Send princess my way. She can get an attitude all she wants. I'm an attitude adjuster.

    Actually I hate girls that act like that and go out of my way to ignore and avoid them.

    The problem is they obviously never heard the word no. No is the only word they will ever hear from me. I've dated (short term) several girls like that and dumped them all in 3 to 4 dates max.

    They are essentially Narcissists and there is little that's more revolting than a self centered two year old in a grown ups body.


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  • If you obsess on it my friend you become poisoned by the assumption - Try and believe there are a lot of good people out there as well.

  • A woman is a horrible parasite by nature.

    "The race of women and female kind; the deadly race and tribe of women who live amongst mortal men to their great trouble, no helpmeets in hateful poverty, but only in wealth."

    "And as in thatched hives bees feed the drones whose nature is to do mischief - by day and throughout the day until the sun goes down the bees are busy and lay the white combs, while the drones stay at home in the covered skeps and reap the toil of others into their own bellies"

    "avoid marriage and the sorrows that women cause"

    • You sir have some serious issues.

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    • @rebekahj391

    • The nature of women has always been known. They must be controlled