Guys what do you think of indian names?

Also how would you pronounce them?
How would you pronounce
1. abhi
2. payal
3. shruti
4. sneha
5. aishwarya
6. tejas
7. urmila
8. ramesh
9. sitarama
10. subrahamaniam
Curious to know


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What Girls Said 2

  • I'm not a fan of Indian names. Not my taste.

  • Ramesh is easy!!! I have a friend named Reshma, it's similar! Aishwarya is complicated! But I think I can pronounce most of them !

    • Cool... What about tejas? How exactly would you pronounce that?

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    • lolzzz. i see. do you guys find these names weird or normal?

    • I have a friend named Abilash, I had a hard time at first learning his name haha
      They're just names I guess! I might find Chinese or Indian names not common but yes they're normal! There isn't a thing such as a weird name unless your'e name is superman or something. Different cultures have different names! In my country Tunisia the names Emily or Barabara are"weird" but they're common in the West!

What Guys Said 1

  • So many vowels..

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