He "Cheated" with me? How to fix this?

I'll try to make this simple.


Me: Me
My roommate: Sally
The Guy: Dave
The Girlfriend: Lulu

(Obvious fake names)

Story time.

My roommate and I share an apartment. Dave and Sally are friends. Dave and Lulu are dating. Dave came over to our apartment so Sally could proofread his paper for a class. While she was doing that, Dave and I got to talking. I was playing a game on my phone in the living room when he showed up.

Sally and Dave were in the livingroom going over the paper.

I don't know how we got to it but he ended up discussing his wingspan? He said that it was crazy that he was 5'10 with a 6'2 wingspan and he had little hands... Why he wanted to share this info I have no idea. Sally didn't believe him. I'm the smallest one there and so he held up his hand to mine and showed how his hands are smaller than mine. You know, how when you put your palms together with someone else's to compare hand sizes? Yeah, that.

Then Lulu called him. He answered and she found out where he was (an apartment with two girls, oh the horror!) and then literally 3 minutes later Lulu is banging on our door and we let her in and she asked what happened and he told her about the paper and how we'd compared hand sizes and she accused him of cheating with me?

I guess he's not allowed to touch other people? And he immediately got on board with her, like, he agreed that our hand comparison counted as him being unfaithful to her and that he had made a poor choice in coming to an apartment with two girls in it because he agreed that he probably couldn't trust himself around us?

So she's calling me a whore and then they stormed out and my roommate and I were just left staring at each other like WTF just went down?

If comparing hand sizes/touching members of the opposite sex in normally exposed areas (arms, hands, etc) then I am a cheating whore I guess lol

But seriously... who's more messed up? Her? Him? I still can't believe what went down haha


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  • They sound more like immature children in a kindergarten. I think this girlfriend was just looking for a fight. Forget it. Not your problem!


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  • That sounds crazy