What should I do?

I have a crush on this girl, and i'm she she knows, but we are, hmmmm friends kinda, we are friends, yeahh. I have been texting her a lot lately, and everything goes well, but suddenly, it's like she got super mad at me, for no reason that i know of. So i waited 2 days, and then i asked her "Are you still mad at me?" and she said she was, because i dind't like her profile pic, (she takes my mobile a lot, and go on my facebook and like her pictures) and then i asked her "why should i because you never like mine". Because at that moment i just felt like that is the only reaseon we even talk, and then she got super mad at me again.

Please give me insight, because i'm only 15 and i'm silly and stupid. And i really don't know anything =3

And thank you for your attention while i slaughtered the English language.

I know she dosen't like me but even our "friendship" is pretty weird, or friendship is like that i described above.. :/


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  • I think she does not like you, but only the attention she gives you.
    The girl gets mad because you dont like a picture...
    Read this sentence again...
    That is ridiculous! I mean whats wrong with society (sorry hahah back to the subject)
    You deserve a girl that is sweet and nice to you. Treats you like she wants to be treated. Likes you instead of likes on facebook.
    That is how I think.


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  • she does not like you, but why should you like her? she's a terrible person