Why do we celebrate Christmas?

My brother is 6 he's wondering why do we celebrate Christmas. Since we're Christians we sometimes go to church he knows about God and Jesus and that stuff. He also knows that Christmas is Jesus's birthday but he wants to know why is it so special compared to everyone else's birthdays. He also wants to know why we have Christmas dinner and sing songs and why we get presents and Jesus doesn't. And he also asked why we have Santa. He says it's really confusing to him. He says he doesn't get this much attention on his birthday all he gets is a party and cake and a few toys. So why do we celebrate Christmas like this?


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  • well u couldn't possibly compare Jesus to any other human lol. Christmas was initially celebrated for a religious reason being Christ's birth, whether people want to believe that or not. it isn't really debatable.


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  • Christmas was a pagan celebration. Christianity does not own Christmas, nor is it a Christian creation.
    Christmas coincides with the Winter solstice.
    Egyptians celebrated the rebirth of the god Horus.
    Romans celebrated Dies Natalis Solis Invicti and the Saturnalia,
    Greek had the festival of Poseidon,
    Byzantine Brumalia was actually called a festival of Cronos
    Jews celebrate Hanukkah
    Nordic and German celebrated Yule
    Hindu celebrate Uttarayana
    Buddhists have Bodhi day
    Chinese the Dōngzhì Festival
    Persian Sadeh
    In the Zoroastrian religion the birth of Mithra is celebrated at the eve of the winter solstice called Shab-e Yalda in Farsi.
    Babylonian had the Festivals for Marduk and for Akitu

    In Mesopotamia, the people of Babylon held a festival for the god Marduk, or Enlil or Marcuk, who they believed created the world out of chaos. At the darkest time of the year a substitute person was needed who could be held responsible for the sins that they had committed during the past year. After the substitute or "scapegoat" was killed, the sun would come back again. There would be a lot of celebrating and visiting. The Babylonians would feast for 12 days and often wore masks as they brought gifts to many homes.

    Christianity merely grafted their Jesus legend on that period. Is there any record in the Bible of anyone observing Christmas?

    It was probably introduced in Rome during the 4th century. (by migrating the Epiphany celebrations to the Winter Solstice celebrations.)




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  • Because it's fun.

    I'm not religious so I don't do the religious hooplah but I think of it as a holiday to have family come together, exchange thoughtful gifts, and spend time together before we head back to our homes and prepare for the new year.

  • For nice clothes!

  • To celebrate the birth of Christ and remeber all of the good in our lives. Mostly, which comes because if him. :)

  • Something about jesus? I don't know... We just do it for family.


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  • it is a time to be with the ones you love