If someone made photoshop nudes of me how bad can it get?

Will it effect my life? The thing I that I had some pics on instagram, I deleted my pics but they still remain on google search engines. this whole thing is stressing me out I'm losing weight can I can't eat or sleep


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  • It can get really ugly depending on who's doing this and spreading it out. It will definitely affect your life/lifestyle; for example, when you are searching for a job and they search your name and these nudes come out, then you're kinda fucked. I should know since, I did some things when I was younger, like 8 years ago and you can still find those nudes and videos if you know my complete name.

    • Its not like I used my real name on there anyways

    • That's good then and as long they don't know what to search for, you're in the clear

    • That's good to hear, and if my photos were misused how would I know? Would I ever know

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  • It might affect your mental healthy and maybe career?


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  • You can most likely get them taken down.. reporting the pictures etc.. writing to Google. There is always a way. Try researching

  • If you have deleted them it will take some time, but they will eventually be removed from search engines.

    • Its been deleted for months for a long time now but they are still there...

    • Are you sure google is linking to them in a page where you uploaded them to?
      If you are positive, you can actually request for google to delete outdated content.

      See "remove deleted image from search results" in here:

  • I once had my nudes leaked, It only helps cos I am jacked. Nomsayin OP? Morale - be jacked braw


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