Gags, what would you do about a crazy queen bee house mate who who tries to cause troubles when your partner is around?

I just moved into this new house share with two single females, who are frankly bitches - there is no other way of putting it. They are both five younger than me and are single gilrs who are desperately trying to get a boyfrined.

My parner who doesn't live with me visits me during a week and we also spend week ends together at my house share. He stays over as well. Since we decided to take things slow, we are not into big rush to move in together. I can't afford to live on my own, neither can he at the moment, bacause the rents are too expensive, so we are both in house shares. We keep things to ourselves and respectful.

one of my house mates who is Spanish and very loud and comes accross as agressive, kicks up a farce (pasively - agressively) when my parnter is around. She makes a lot of noise in the kitchen which is part of the living room if we are watchiing something, or shuts the doors of the cabinets and inner doors so loud, or starts whislting very loud and just being an annoying brats. This morning she missed her shower time, and whilst my boyfrined was in the show she kept standing infornt of the door obviousely waiting and making it so awkward and crippy. I didn't say anything as I was busy making breakfast and just didn't feel it would be go ok anyway.

I feel like i have to say or do something, but I am really fearing this could start a fight, which I don't want to engage into. What would you do, or how would you handle this?

Thank you

neither of these opinions have been helpful... hence no mho


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  • I only lived with two girls I didn't knows senior year in college but can relate. When I went to see the house I was thorough about guests and everything. Only to find out upon moving in we basically had a fourth roomie which was one girls boyfriend. He technically lived in a frat house but was over at our place most nights. He disrupted my daily routine often times. I knew my roomies schedules and sometimes would study at the house as opposed to the library only to find he was already studying at the kitchen table and only one in the house. I had to have a large table to organize the research I was studying. He also took up tons of room in the fridge, watched out cable but didn't help with bills and made it hard for me to get from the shower to my bedroom in a towel.

    House guests is something you need to talk about before moving in. They are obviously PISSED that he is over there so often. It feela like you constantly have a guest you don't know well in your house and forces one to be polite. It is hard to relax with an unknown in your house.

    • Not sure if you read my story. By standing infront of the show door being fully aware a most likely half naked guy going to come out any minute isn't exactly addressing anything.

      I contribute to the bills and the rest fairly and we spend most of our time in my room so that the two are notinconvenienced too much. One would hope things and thinking has changed since college years

    • I read your 'story' and your boyfriend is their problem. He is over a lot and she couldn't shower because he was in there.

    • The girl has bad temper hates men (half of the time she chases after hook ups on tinder and the ither half talks about cocks) and probably doesn't know she is a lesbian after al has poor communication skills and instead of speaking up chooses to behave like a stupid bitch

  • Ask them how the actually feel about him being there so much. I bet they don't like it.

    • Oh well they make it obvious they dont. One is gone to far by waiting under the bathroom door in the morning... making me wonder what was she hoping to see there.

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    • I think you need to grow up since your college years lady being 37 and still forcing your opinion on others through pesterring and commenting under someone else opion, and in general why bother at all if you don't have anything nice to say to someone who is seeking support and advice... of hold on a sec, you migh have recognised yourself in that crazy queen be :)))) bingo!

    • and thank you for stopping bothering that is the nicest thing you have done for this post... nothing nice to say - then better to keep quiet. Good choice!