Do you have any habits for setting account password?

I do. I always put (a pokemon name) and (3 numbers) as an account password. For example, I've used before Blaziken49. (i dont use this password on this GAG account. So dont bother trying to hack it. And besides, Im posting this anonymously so you dont know who i am anyway.)

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Damn you typo


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  • I use the same one for everything that my Mum made up for my first e-mail account in 2002 lol :') . Some sites won't accept it or insist I change it but all I do is make the first letter a capital and/or add an extra number on the end

    • you should not do that google social engineering you but glad you posted anon

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    • even i dont understand him...

    • I'm not denying what he's saying at all I just genuinely don't know what he means xD

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  • I often include nicknames and '123'


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  • Nope I use an adress and phone number from a place I lived as a kid. No one could ever know it but me

  • I am not telling you maybe socially engineering people