"Each generation is worse than the one before." ?

If this is true, how screwed are you when your kids come into the world? Or if you've had kids already, do you find this old saying true?

For me, I wasn't a bad kid at all, but I did used to steal from stores and lie on many occasions. Other than that, I was a really good kid that my parents entrusted a lot (sometimes too much) of responsibility on. On my part, I don't believe my kids will be that bad. They'll be well-behaved.
Now as far as their daddy goes, (which I'm sure will be my bf), I don't know. Lol. He has such a mind of his own and he's out with it. I honestly can't call him sneaky. So with us combined... Lord Jesus... XD that's all I've got to say.

So... what about u?


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  • Actually no its always the new generation are new people with different thoughts and everything
    And every generation thinks he is smarter than the older generation and wiser than the coming generation


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  • I like it when you said "I'm sure that will be my bf". Kudos to the love and commitment you have for each other. It's just WOW!

    Having gotten that out of the way... I don't think we can make a blanket statement, that each generation is worse than the previous. If that happens, it's mainly due to bad parenting. A solid, stable foundation is needed for kids to grow up to be responsible adults. And parents do need to raise their kids the proper way.

    I'm thankful to my parents for raising me the way they did. If and when I do have kids, I'll make sure that I raise them to be good humans! :)

    • I absolutely 3'000% agree with u about the good parenting statement. I can't agree enough without seeming insane. There's also the issue with the traits they inherit though.

      And thank u for the kudos 😊😁

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    • Yeah, I will be moving to a different country, in February or March 2016. Mainly for career and education reasons. But I wonder what my chances there will be, since Indian men in general are considered the least attractive by women all over the world. My height can also be a problem, since I'm only 5'7".

    • I'm sure everything will be alright. Just be charming, sweet and genuinely good. Also, don't worry about the statistics. You're you. Show who you are. Be confident and strong-minded. Women find confident men attractive regardless.

  • No. The only difference between the newer and older generations is that each consecutive generation has more effective means of recording their blunders.
    Kids from the 70's would be considered just as idiotic as modern kids if they had smarthpones to record themselves.

  • You should check out Vsauce videos. He has a video about that.

  • Every generation THINKS the next generation is worse.
    Big difference

  • Nah, old fags just like to whine about the "good ol' days" when blacks where segregated and people were more god-fearing morons.

    • You honestly think that's what that statement's implying?

    • Specifically those two things? No, but people naturally hate change and their just pissed we're not following their archaic, conservative values as much.

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