Is it fine being indian guy obsessed with white girls?

Ok so I am an indian guy 19; never actully had any girlfriend;;
So off lalte i have been noticing that I am too much obsessed with white girls.. I have stopped looking at girls in my area... I try hard to get any white girl online... Infact its been m dream to marry and stay with the white girl throughout my life... is it normal?


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  • If you live in India and your preference is white, yeah, I'd say that's a little abnormal since you don't see white people in your everyday life. If you're an Indian in the West, then it can be normal. It's normal to have preferences in particular looks but obsessions are just not a good idea most of the time. I think Asian men really have a thing for white women, and I understand it can be because the culture has an obsession with light skin.

    I remember an Indian guy messaged me and first obsessed over how badly he wanted a white woman (mind you, I'm not white) and then asked to get dirty with him on Skype or something. It was just a strange, uncomfortable experience.

    • I know it pisses most of the girls but still i can't control

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    • yeah maybe you're just excited for something new

    • Yea i think so ... So what are your opinion about me

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  • White babes white babes <3. Love them too. Those blondes THO :* :* Im Asian.


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  • Hum Normal / not Normal I don't know ! I guess so! We all have some kind of physique we're attracted to, I'm for example attracted to tanned brown haired/eyed tall men... And I think it's normal and OKAY to have a preference, however I don't obsess over it!!

  • Everyone has preferences, it's completely normal. Just don't become obsessed.


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