What's the worst vacation you've ever been on?

Step one: our trip was to visit OK city memorial which is kind of depressing in terms of vacation planning and fun to be had, and the city itself was pretty run down and devoid of activity even outside of the downtown area. Step two, it was like 105 degrees outside and due to the insane lack of parking for such a small city, we had to walk endless blocks to get to our destination. Step 3: I unfortunately ended up with heat stroke, and passed out right onto the hot hard concrete. Step 4: The hotel we stayed in was awful. Someone down below us ended up getting into some sort of domestic argument at 3 in the morning, cops were called. Step 5: Ended up accidentally dropping my car keys/house keys at the hotel, and didn't find out they were gone until we were hours away.


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  • Hiking in Yosemite in very adverse weather. It poured every afternoon. Thunder, lightning, and hail.

    Our plan was to hike to Little Yosemite Valley and go on a number of day hikes from there. The first day we arrived my friend and I got separated from my other friend due to a mudslide when the two of us had to go down to the Valley for supplies. That was one of the most AWESOME thunderstorms I have ever seen! The next day, the road was reopened and we were reunited. The next day, we hiked up to Little Yosemite Valley in another raging thunderstorm. Vernal and Nevada falls were so roaring that it left a ringing in our ears. We spent the next few days getting drenched on short aborted hikes or hunkered down in our tents reading while the heavens opened up. Once I was caught out by the Merced River in a hail storm. IT HURT! Bears every night, but they always bothered someone else. At night it was always clear but everything was wet. The stars were enchanting. We got up before the dawn on the last day and made it back down to Yosemite Valley before the daily afternoon thunderstorm.

    Now, this was my worst vacation insofar as we didn't accomplish our mission (to hike up Half Dome and other places), but I still had a great time. It was something of an adventure. We learned to be better hikers and campers. My friends and I are still happy we went.

    • I was going to say after reading that, it sounds like it was more of a bonding trip where the worst of times become the best of times. It sounds like a fond memory aside from the weather.

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  • I went on a family trip to Sunriver, OR one winter near where my girlfriend was living. My family had reservations at a cabin up there and by coincidence my girlfriend lived 30 minutes from there, so I was really looking forward to this vacation to go skiing and visit my girlfriend and introduce her to my family.

    When I got there, my girlfriend was having second guesses about the relationship and didn't go skiing with us the first day. The main chair line at the mountain malfunctioned and the place was jam packed with people and the snow condition was awful. I wanted my girlfriend to come down to the cabin to visit me, but she refused. So I drove over to her place and she broke up with me right then and there.

    • Wow, just wow. It's crazy that you'd planned to like introduce her to your family. That's pretty serious. My brother did that at Christmas once, and now they are married and I have a nephew. Gosh, that really sucks. If I could, I'd give you a hug. I hate to hear stuff like that. Hopefully, thinks either have or will work out with someone in the future.

    • Thanks I really appreciate it. It happened a long time ago, but it still bothers me.

  • hmm.

    i don't think i've been on a bad vacation

  • That sounds like a vacation in hell to be honest. Demand to make all future vacation plans

    • yeah, it sucked, but I was like in middle school, so I really had no choice at the time as to whether to go or not.

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    • Um, completely. Every time I bring it up, I feel this cloud brewing above my head with the bad memories, especially of the heat stroke.

    • I bet that was an aweful experience and almost as bad a memory now as the real thing was then

  • Well the vacation itself was great but my mom and I got stranded at the airport for going back home, our flight got cancelled, they arranged us on another flight but ah ha cancelled again. So we waited for a while it was starting to get late I'd say around 10PM, by a pure stroke of luck they finally got us onto a flight which was the very last one going to our city, we arrived home close to 1AM.

    • Ugh, that totally sucks. Bright side, at least you weren't by yourself.

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