Which (fictional) Chaos God would you follow?

Totally random question for funzies but which of the four fictional gods would you follow?

Which (fictional) Chaos God would you follow?

Khorne, The Blood God - God of War, Murder, Battle - Khorne is the Blood God, an angry and murderous God of Chaos whose bellows of limitless rage echo throughout the corridors of time and space.

Tzeentch, The Changer of the Ways - God of Change, Sorcery, Fate and Hope - Tzeentch is known by many titles across the galaxy, including the Changer of the Ways, the Master of Fortune, the Great Conspirator and the Architect of Fate.

Nurgle, The Plague Lord - God of Death, Disease and Decay - Nurgle is the mighty Lord of Decay who presides over all physical corruption and morbidity. Disease and putrefaction, the inevitable entropic decline of all things, are the favours he bestows upon the universe.

Slaanesh, The Prince of Pleasure - God of Pleasure, Sensation and Desire - Slaanesh is the youngest of the Chaos Gods and alone of all the Ruinous Powers, the Prince of Chaos is divinely beautiful. He is as seductive as only an immortal can be, disarming in his innocence, utterly beguiling in his manner and irresistibly tempting with his words.

  • Khorne
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  • Nurgle
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  • Tzeentch
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  • Slaanesh
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P. S yes I was really bored.


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  • Tzeentch, I would obey and follow this god to act as the changing force to be an engineer in the world he as the architect designs for the glory of creation.

  • Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos, as they are all just pale imitators

  • I chose C.
    Now if D fu-ked C, then I'd choose E.

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