Girls, So if guys have an indifferent attitude is that an attractive quality such as deciding not to chase or standing out?

Or just simply have that "whatever" attitude?


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  • For me, generally, an indifferent attitude is not attractive. It makes me think that he only cares about himself. That kind of aloofness would make me feel like he wouldn't put much effort in showing me that I mean something to him. Especially in terms of the chase. I'm not a very outgoing person, so if he's indifferent or not willing to chase me to show me that he's interested, then nothing's going to happen with us.

    In terms of an indifference to standing out, that's fine with me. I like that he's not too concerned with standing out or being unique.

    • Well it seems to me and has been very apparent is that some females ignore the guys who chase them or they patronize the guys who chase them. I've always been single so it doesn't matter what i think i guess