What's your favorite kind of dance?

Definitely any kind of ballroom dancing is my fave. It's a perfect way to be intimate with your dancing partner... depending on who you're dancing with anyway.


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  • My Favorite form of dance is without a doubt the tango. It is more than just an art form, but a metaphor for male/ female relationship.

    The dance is all about communication with your partner, and moving together as one. I remember the first time I witnessed a couple dancing, i couldn't believe my eyes, that it wasn't choreographed, it seemed like magic to me! And it never fails to amaze me each time I dance as well.

    The tango is beyond just dancing, beyond the body... It's meditation in motion!!!

    • Woo! Yeah!! I totally agree. Watching people dance with each other is very beautiful and mesmerizing. Great description by the way :)

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  • I absolutely love bellydance, is awesome! any kind of latin dance is always good as well, I think salsa would be my fav :)

    • I love belly dancing too. Such a fun and liberating way to celebrate female sensuality!

      Salsa is perfect for a Friday night out! Ha ha!

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    • I so have to learn how to belly dance. I'm sure it'll help me lose weight and gain abs

    • yesss, try it! I've been doing it for a few years and i never get bored of it, is so diverse and yeah, it can help a bit with weight loss :D

  • Belly dancing is my favorite <3 I also like contemporary and ballet!

    • You do seem like the type to contemporary dance

    • I did it one year only haha :/ whereas Bellydancing is just something we regularly do in my country so I didn't need to take classes haha

  • I'm a dancer and it's hard to pick. I did ballroom for a while and definitely always have lots of fun with rumba and quickstep, but god that salsa/bachata/kizomba are great to blow off steam! :)