Thoughts on underrated professionals?

Ok so.. this isn't your typical GAG question. Regardless, I would like to hear your perspectives.

Sometimes I don't understand why some 'professionals' don't get the fame they deserved.
Why is it always the one with all the flashy skills, practices hog all the hype from the public?

Lets say the engineers that works for a particular company. Even though, they have complete mastery over a particular field and have worked there for more than 5+ years but still... why they don't get much compliments from others?

Lets now put it in a sport (basketball) viewpoint, why the athletic-dunk type basketball pros are the ones getting all the praises and not those 3-pointer shooter type basketball pros?

Lets also put it into a gaming perspective. Two gamers. One is good at doing fancy tricks and is sociable and another one thats introverted but is known for being extremely effective at ensuring his/her victory (getting 1st in every matches). Why is it only that fancy type gamer gets all the praises and not the another gamer (getting 1st in every matches), despite playing for a much longer time than the fancy-type gamer?

Do people now favour innovative type of people instead of specialists?
I felt bad for those specialist and think its unfair in a way.

Thorough responses please guys...


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  • Why do they need ratings in the first place.


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