What's your Myers-Briggs personality?

Mine is ENFP


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  • I dunno I get different results each time but I'm not gonna do it again. At least not now. This is what I got several months ago.
    Your personality type: "The Logistician" (ISTJ-A)
    Strength of individual traits: Introverted: 97%, Observant: 57%, Thinking: 21%, Judging: 33%, Assertive: 21%.
    Role: Sentinel
    Strategy: Confident Individualism


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  • INFJ/INTJ always changing i dunno y.

    • I always thought you're an extrovert xD I'm surprised haha

    • hehe im a mix of both but a little more on the intro side because i do like my own space at times.
      i just saw yours, very similar! =] @missnowhere

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