Did I overreact?

So i was talking to my boyfriend on the phone as usual... he works as a ups seasonal helper and i go to school in a graduate program for occupational therapy. He just got this job and im happy for him bc he hasn't been working for awhile. Anyway, we were talking and he said something like ups drivers can make up to 30 an hour. I don't know why but i flipped the fuck out. Why? Because im here busting my ass in graduate school writing papers and reading a textbook everyday, and i can't even make that much... Well i probably have my facts wrong.. but average salary for me in the future is like $70,000 a year. A driver can make that AND more? Is it selfish that i got offended? I was like, then why the fuck am i even in school if i can just be a freaking truck driver and make so much money? Why am i sacrificing so much of my life? Why do i have to put myself through all nighters, craming study times and 20 page papers? Im sorry, but i just did not get it. Am i wrong for feeling this way?


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  • I think you're wrong. You are totally safe and sound studying while he can always have a traffic accident which can cost a lot. Plus driving isn't that easy. I understand that you get mentally tired but he gets physically tired which can be worse than you think.