I get super closed off around guys I actually find attractive?

so i get very closed off around attactive guys, im not as talkative as normally am, i dont joke around as much, showing interest is really hard for me and takes a lot of energy to do so, so its easier to not to show any interest at all.. If I see a cute guy at the gym i'll probarly ignor the shit out of him lol

I dont know how to stop doing this.. im 90% sure its because i feel like im not attractive or interesting enough, so why even bother kinda thing... Even if the guys is checking me out its not enough for me.. For the most part i feel like im not fun or interesting enough and the guys im dating is with me for all the wrong reasons.. Anyone that has been like this that isn't like this anymore that can give me advice?

I understand that i am interesting because most of the guys, that im not attracted to, that im completely myself around seems to really like me.. So the rational part of me knows im way to hard on myself and just because i dont like something about myself, doesn't mean the guy doesn't like it, but the irrational part of me alwways takes over when it comes to cute guys


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  • It's good you are being self-aware, that's something in my opinion you'll want to make a concerted effort to remove, that can really be a barrier and hinder any relationships.

    • thanks! i feel like being aware of my problems makes them less bad if that makes any sense, haha But any advice on exercises or something to do that can minimize my "fear"? Nice people make me feel bad about myself.. i literally can't meet someone attractive and nice without feeling bad about myself, which is bad for sure

    • I have no idea tbh. Just the obvious force yourself, go out of comfort zone, etc. You may want to consider talking with a professional if that doesn't work. This is something that would be very alarming to myself, as this will hinder close relationships that you would otherwise enjoy in life. So hopefully u can remove this quickly and as young as possible. good luck!

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  • Its about the same for me just the other way around I usually dont talk to a girl unless im really interested i dont have any anxiety i just want to take my time. i get all the signals from girls im not into. but when i see somebody i like i just approach them before i give myself time to think of a reason why i shouldn't approach her. id say do the same but it doesn't work like that for girls. just pretend the guy you like is somebody you dont like or are not interested in. or just stop thinking about it and just go wit the flow haha


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