Have you ever saved an animal life?

What's your story?
I tried to save a baby cat, but he died...

Have you ever saved an animal life?


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  • My family "rescued" a horse a couple years ago.

    I am cautious about the term "rescue" because he was far from the worst case of animal neglect, but he was certainly not healthy.

    It was kind of spur of the moment. My mom's friend was driving by a property, saw a horse in a weedy field (horses don't eat weeds) and the horse was very thin. She called my mom because we have the property to house an extra horse.

    It was a messy deal but we tracked down the horse's owner (he was being free leased to this property for a 4H horse for their kid) and the next day they went and got him.

    He was 450 lbs under weight, had a stomach full of wood (had eaten his shelter) had thrush (a fungus infection) in all 4 hooves, and was slipper footed (really long hooves - they curve up to look like slippers).

    We took him home, had the vet and farrier in the driveway when he got off the trailer, clipped his feet, gave him a health report, and locked him in a stall for 10 days with a constant supply of hay and we gave him 3 small portions of grain a day. One with a digestive aid, one with an immunity booster, and one with a fat supplement.

    The vet said that had he stayed in his original position he would not have survived the winter.

    Then after the 10 days we turned him out with one of our other horses (our 3rd was a bit of a bitch lol) and the two boys became friends and then we introduced the mare and...

    And now his name is Nick and his personality came back and he's a dick lol

    Picture the personality of a 4 year old who just discovered the "I'm not touching you" game and that's his personality. Innocent and playful... but about 1200 lbs of innocent and playful with a preference for being naughty.

    Now he roars (kind of like horse asthma) but since nobody plans on using him for speed events he's going to be fine. And live with us for the rest of his life most likely.



    • "personality came back and he's a dick" hahahaa ow : )

      It's nice too see when people have the tools to help and they do help. Was a noble act of your family.

      But... hmm, how did the wood stomach problem was solved? cirurgy?

    • No, horses can digest it, it's just not ideal.

      Horses eat wood when their diet is lacking in salt. He's since processed the wood out but he kept the habit. He now just munches on wood for kicks and giggles even though we have salt licks all over the place haha

    • Wooaa, never thought they could do that.
      Using the teeth, swallowing without damaging internal tissue... that's cool.

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  • I read "Have you ever seen an animal in real life"

  • My Mom helped a pigeon who flew into our patio. It's feet were tangled in a bunch of strings and it was unable to walk. She cut the strings off with scissors and then let it fly away ☺️

  • I saved a baby crow once before. It fell in front of our house and it's parents were flying above it but they couldnt get it so I put it inside our chicken coop and gave it some food and water to restore its health.
    I eventually had to remove it from the chicken coop once its current residents started to peck on the bird. So sad thing is, it was going to die anyways because its wing was so injured (maybe from falling) and so I had to put it in the forest and leave it there :(

  • When I was a kid I tried saving baby rats (or mice idk) I found in the trash and they all ended up dying. Pretty depressing.

    • Yeah, that's hard. I'm remembering now somee birds that slam against my walls... they mostly died...

  • It was when I was a kid. Some cat had kittens outside my house in the snow one night, I found them in the morning. 2 were barely breathing, the others were really weak. 1 of the 2 barely breathing actually did stop breathing, so I massaged it's chest and held it on a warm pad and it breathed again. The rest I kept on the warm pad and fed milk with a little pipette. All of the kittens apart from 1 survived. And the one who died wasn't even one of the weakest ones at the start, kinda sad.
    The mother cat was a stray feral and kinda vicious, but I tamed her, she really loved me after (even though she was still vicious to all other humans) and I kept her til she died as a really old going grey cat. She became a house cat and didn't even ever want to leave me and go outside anymore.

    And i hate spiders, I'm petrified of them, but I still save them from drowning all the time lol.

    • : )

      Did you knew how to make him breath again? Or was luck?

    • I'd seen people do it to babies on TV before, and my mum was a nurse and I remembered her saying something about it before, I just panicked and it was the only thing I could think to do, and got lucky that it worked. I was surprised what worked on baby humans worked on the baby cat. It was so cute when it started breathing again, I didn't think it would happen, but it did :)

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  • Yes, I did save my dog. He ate chocolate so called I my parents (they were on vacation) and they said he can eat chocolate. I looked on google cuz I was unsure what my parents said, and I found info that chocolate can kill a dog. He ate dark chocolate which is the worst so I immediately called the pet doctor (or whatever its called) and bicycled to the doctors post with my dog in my hands. She said I was lucky that I acted so fast otherwise my dog's brain would be serious damaged. She gave him a injection and a few seconds later he puked everything out. She said it will take a day until he will be the same again.

    It was a pretty scary experience, I was afraid to lose my dog :( but tg he fully recovered from it.

    Here is doggy

  • I save turtles crossing the road all summer long and I nursed a flying squirrel back to health.

    • That's great man. Turtles do need a big help these days...

    • I have had dumbass's swerve towards them just as I am about to try and help them across. What kind of person does that!

  • I saved a pussy, but I later pounded it hard.

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