What Would you Do If you had Suicidal Thoughts?

Life have been very Hard for the past 3 years. I've been through a lot of hardships. I tried so hard to pull myself together and start fresh but there is always something that comes along the way to mess things up.
I've had suicidal thoughts before but I would fight them and get myself through it.
But now , I have no mental or physical strength to do it.
And I've been depressed for over 3 years , on and off medication. but I never told my doctor in the few times I went to see him. I was afraid he would insist on taking me to a psychiatric institution.


thank you.


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  • Sorry you had to go through this strain but You know what is so powerful about reading this. That you are still alive and as you said still pulling things through. You are really strong lady and that I have to give you credit for.
    On behalf of suisidal thoughts is basically something is unfulfilled weither it's goals, love, support, bad relationship, friendship, etc. it can really tough keep positive out situations that isn't fulfilling. Depending on your hardship I would say fulfill slowly and cautiously. And don't rush it and set priorities for it.

    First hit your goals and make achievements and dreams your top priority. Then let everything else follow. Make friends that you know and trust that will support you every step of the way. Yes this won't happen over night and it won't happen as planned but you be sure that your mind is set on doing things right in most of what is wrong.


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  • I find meditation can help a little with regular practice. It has helped me to overcome certain hardships in my life too.

    I think you should talk to your doctor, they can help.

    • should I?

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    • Thank you. I will then. I hope he won't give me anymore medication. those things drive you crazy...

    • My pleasure and don't worry you will be ok. Yea, i know medication can really cause more problems... maybe tell him/her that you don't want more medication. Try to be as open and direct as possible so that they can diagnose you properly.

      I know its tough, but be a little strong and everything will be just fine, ok?

  • I was suicidal too and i'm not proud of that. It was a few years ago. I moved to another country and started over. I don't know if this can helo you but i wish you good luck. I never took any pills or medication. I'm against that

    • Me too. I'm against it but I've reached a point where I had no control over my own body. the doctor insisted. I had insomnia and obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms...

    • Ok, well i hope you get better soon! We all have the right to be happy and own our place in this world :)

  • Whenever I'm feeling suicidal I just remind myself that I don't have the guts to kill myself.

    • I do that too. and I think of my family and friends...

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    • Crying helps sometimes but then it can make things worse...

    • I don't know what else to do.

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