Why does visual stimulation turn on guys buy not girls?

Visual stimulation may turn girls on but from what i hear it doesn't...

Why does it turn gys on and not girls


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  • They do. But not to the extent like men. Vaginas and penises are not attractive. It's called "bumping uglies" for a reason.

    I can't speak for all women, because some actually do enjoy, but seeing a dick pic does nothing for me. BUT, hold the phone before y'all freak out, if I'm about to do the nasties with the guy I care about, you can bet your sweet ass seeing his dick will turn me on.

    I guess for me, it's circumstantial. I can get turned on just by seeing his erect penis when we're about to do the act, but some random internet creep sending them, meh. Does nothing for me except initiate a sword fight where I'll send pics of bigger dicks.


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  • Because penises are not cute (let's be honest) and porn is catered towards men.


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  • Well, material possessions are a part of visual stimulation for them. Just not really physical male bodies.