Using fraps frame rate?

so I've made a youtube channel and I've bought fraps but when i try to record it goes to 30 fps. so i put it to half sise and it goes to 60 fps but has bad quality. Help please

no one gonna answer?


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  • Many people on GAG don't even know what 'Fraps' is let alone how to fix issues with it. What are your fps when not using fraps? All computers take a fps hit when they start recording so it's recommended to have an exceptionally good computer before stream high quality games. The reason your fps drops to 30 is because your PC is allocating some of the resources to the recording program and that's why it seems to fix when you go to half-size.

    • soooo that means? (and im playing geometry dash and it obviously runs in 60 fps. it recorded on the free one perfectly fine)

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    • u know about compressing the files into a managable sise?

    • I do not.

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