When will having a young face be a good thing?

I'm almost 22 and have stubble and even though i get carded for bars I'm ok with it but I was bothered today when I went to get into my old HS for a basketball game. The lady gave me a student ticket and i told e
her I graduated 4 years ago. Then the guy at the door asked me if why I'm not sitting in the student side and I told him the same. He said I looked 16 and I laughed it off but it bothers me. when if ever is it a good thing to have a young face (not baby face).


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  • I'm 19 and I hear from people I look anywhere from 13 to 16.. its usually 15. A group of 14-15 year olds were hitting on me and wouldn't believe that I was 19. They thought I was a freshman in high school.

    I feel your pain.
    If a guy is cute, idc if he looks a little young, but if he looked like 14 that's just not attractive to me. But I'm sure you don't look like an 8th grader.

    • It'll be a GOOD thing when you're in your late 20s early 30s.

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    • How old do I look in the profile picture? I wouldn't never say I look 16 but I'm biased.

    • I don't know. You look between 17-20.

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  • My girlfriend has sort of a culturally caused babyface. She comes from Korea and now lives with me in Switzerland. Contrary to the US, where you have lots of Asians or second generation Asians/Asian-white mixes etc., in Switzerland we have very few Asian folks. They're still quite an exotic sight here. Because of this, many Swiss people find it hard to judge her age correctly. She has a pretty typical "oriental" look with a very round face, a tip-tilted nose and relatively small, almond-shaped eyes. In other words: the perfect baby face ;-). It still happens quite a lot that she has to show her ID when purchasing wine in a grocery shop. This is pretty crazy because the drinking age for wine in Switzerland is 16 and she's 26. So apparently there are quite a lot of people who seem to think she's 15 or barely 16. That's more than 10 years younger than she actually is. Like you, I think she sometimes gets a little bothered by it. I can understand that well but I wouldn't give it too much thought. I believe most people have some kind of physical feature that makes them stand out involuntarily sometimes. For some people it's a baby face, for others is something else. For example I have a strong visual disability and I sometimes have random strangers come up to me and ask stuff like "what kind of accident did you have?" and I have to explain to them that it wasn't an accident but I have had it since birth. Sometimes I'm fine with all the curiosity and I like to engage in some chit-chat about my disability but there are also days where I'm tired or in a bad mood where I think "oh c'mon, can I please have some peace?" And I'm sure other people have yet other reasons why they stand out in some way. Personally, I would look at it this way: you might be bothered about your baby face now but I'll promise you: once you're 50 or 60, it will be a true blessing. My dad has a very young look and though he's 55, he looks like 45. He does a lot of salsa dancing (he's very good at it) and telling from his photos, he gets to dance with a lot of women in their 20s and 30s. I think that wouldn't be possible if he looked like a 60-year old guy ;-).

    • Well its weird to get such differences I get 25 from one person and then later in the day if I go to buy alcohol a person will comment I look 17 so its weird to see different age groups cultures evaluate differently.

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  • When you're about 40 or coming close to it I think.
    I'll be 30 soon and look like a kid. My friend is in her mid 30s and looks like a kid. We don't enjoy it at all. I used to think it'd be in 30s that people like it, but it's not. When you're about 40 and look 24, that's when it's good haha.

    • I hope it is advantageous eventually how old do you think I look?

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  • When you're my age, lol.

    • Well that is reasuring I don't think I look 16 at all but its more annoying for me.

  • When you're in your 30's. I'm 38 and still get hit on by 18 year olds

    • People my age range think I'm 20 to 25 but older or middle aged people think I'm 17 so it could be just an older person perspective.