I killed a dog and I'm having trouble sleeping, please help?

It was late and dark and I was late to pick up my sister I had already got lost and was already starting to panic as her and her friend were out in the cold. I was driving along when i seen a dog on the other side of the road, I decided to drive on already being late and thinking maybe the dog would stay on the other side but as i drove the dog started barking and next thing i knew i hit and drove over it. I stopped for a second wanting to go back and see if it was ok but it was dark i heard the yelp when i went over it and i decided its prob dead as a doornail. I didn't know which house it belonged to and i was scared of the owner shouting at me. I already suffer from depression/anxiety and i love dogs. I was in a state of panic after i drove away. I feel like a murderer i feel soso bad and the thought of someone finding their dead dog and knowing the person just drove on :( I never thought i would be that type of person i always thought i would have the decency to stop and check if the dogs alright or tell the owner. I feel ashamed of myself :( no hate please i already feel bad enough i just want to know what i can do to move on and feel better.


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  • It was certainly very wrong of you to just keep driving. You can be lucky that it wasn't a child. Many people don't know this but the action of simply driving away after causing an accident (for example hitting a pedestrian) can lead to very severe punishments if you get caught, sometimes even prison sentences.
    Also, I think it's needless to say that whatever your reasons are (stressed out etc.), they do not hold as a justification. If you get into a car, you should always pay full attention to the traffic and what's happening around you. That's why most countries don't allow you to use a cell phone while driving and don't allow people to just speed up to 200mph when they are late for something. Safety (both yours and the one of other people/animals) should always be number one priority when driving. In other words: rather be 15 minutes late than killing somebody. Friends can wait, dogs can't awake back to life.

    Now that the mess is already there, the only (and morally right) thing you could do is to go back to that neighborhood, ring a couple of doorbells and find out who the dog belonged to. If you do, I think a sincere apology would be appreciated and deserved by the owner. Having depression or anxiety is no excuse for acting as though you didn't give a rat's ass.

    • I did pay attention i seen the dog i just thought i could make it past, I was not speeding my reaction time was a little off i admit i was in shock when i hit it. I suffer from it I'm not using it as an excuse i got over it ages ago but I'm feeling anxiety and depression again since i hit it. Yeh i know and i feel terrible but i dont even know the neighbourhood like i said i was lost and it was dark. I always always thought i would stop but i didn't think clearly and acted cowardly.

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    • First of all, I did NOT compare hitting a dog to rape. Obviously, that would indeed be laughable. So please don't fucking turn my words around. I said that using the fact that the dog was loose as a legitimate excuse for hitting it is like using somebody's way of dressing as an excuse for raping them. You might not spot the difference between the two, but there's a huge difference. Also, I didn't say this to you. I addressed this to dogbert. I also did NOT at any point assume that you had bad eyesight or were drunk or anything like that. I simply used these example as illustration why people have to be capable of having their own vehicle under control. So don't act all bitchy and defensive please.

      As for the situation: what you're still don't understanding is that as a car driver it is YOUR responsibility to make sure a dog doesn't get under your car, even if its running next to it. There would have been a very simple solution: stop the car for a second and horn a few times. That

    • would have done the job. Claiming that you supposedly "love dogs" but you'd rather kill one than letting your poor, poor folks stand in the cold for another 2 minutes (there was no place to go inside and they couldn't possibly have thought of dressing appropriately?) is extremely cynical. But hey, whatever. Just a dog, right? There's more dogs in the world.

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  • I just wanted to say that this happened to me years ago with a cat and I did the same thing, despite my love for them.

    I understand the guilt and self hatred but also understand the shock and the panic, especially if you were high, like I was at the time.


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  • There's no right or wrong answer to a situation like this. I believe the owner of the dog was very irresponsible for allowing it to be loose in the road, especially as he must have known it had some bad attitude towards cars.

    I don't yet drive myself, but I know how upset my mum gets if she hits anything. I do as well. All you can do is put it behind you. In time the memory and feeling will fade. You will be very lucky, however, to go through life without hitting another animal. Especially if you live in country areas.

    • However, in legal terms, she is in the wrong. Roads are not built into a vacuum, which is why any driver has to expect at all times unforeseen things happening, such as a child or a dog running into the street. This is why cautious driving is important. On an emotional level, I can understand the asker but legally and morally, things like depression or anxiety or being stressed out or angry etc. are no justification for killing a dog and even less so for just hitting the road without admitting to be the culprit.

    • @BlueCoyote In the UK the owner would be in the wrong. Not having a dog under proper control in a public place is a criminal offence. Just suppose mother and child were walking along that road having broken down. Who knows what could happen. You can't say the mother is wrong for being there. The onus is on the dog owner to keep it under control, especially if it has a known predeliction to bark and who-knows what else.

  • I understand your feelings. But this dog was off leash and running at large. The owner no doubt knew that their dog chased after cars. Who was negligent here? . . . . . NOT YOU !!

  • WHAT DAFAUQ? U just left the dog dead ! Just like that? And u want to sleep at night?


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