I've been bulimic for a year?

Don't read if grossed out by vomit. Not graphic but still.

For the past year I've been forcing myself to throw up after meals. Only in the past few weeks have I truly accepted I need help and have told my parents and therapist my problem. I have stopped making myself throw up.
My problem is now that after eating meals I don't force myself to throw up, but my body literally throws up for me. I don't stick my fingers down my throat, but I automatically vomit, even if I'm not near a toilet.
Im scared. This has been going on for too long and I'm terrified of the damage to my stomach, teeth and esophagus. But I literally cannot stop throwing up and I want to so badly. Is this common? What should I do?

The last time I forced myself to vomit was about 6 weeks ago.
Also, this isn't after every meal, but after q good portion.


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  • Start by eating small portions and plenty of water. A full stomach could be what triggers you to throw up involuntarily.

  • Your body has been programmed into throwing up after meals because of your bulimia. You should really see a doctor. A friend of mine has been suffering from bulimia for the past 2 years and she now has stomach ulcers..

  • Just think of good meals can be digest and do exercise if u need to control weight

    • This isn't about weight... I'm not asking how to stop being bulimic. If you read my question then you'd be able to see that I was asking about what to do when I begin to throw up involuntarily. I do not force myself anymore. I am throwing up automatically after meals.

    • Use some hypnosis. Relax ur arms and subliminally order ur body to take it and digest it? YouTube hypnosis?