Do you find it frustrating when people who share your views can't express them eloquently?

I have many fellow conservatives on this site, far more than there were when I left several months ago.
However, I've noticed several times that when speaking on contentious issues, more than I'd like to see fail to do so intelligently, or with correct information.
No matter your ideology, you will have fellow subscribers who support it do so poorly.
An advocate for accepting Muslims might see the hug me Muslim from England who was recently arrested for threatening to blow up a woman while she slept.
Republicans have Trump and Trump supporters.
Vampire fiction fans have twilight fans.
How frustrated do you get when people try to support some of the same things you do, but do so in a counter-productive, or thoroughly stupid manner?



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  • I think the reason you find they can't build an eloquent argument for the ideas Trump spews out is because it is unintelligible BS.

    • True.
      I should've known mentioning Trump would only bring the haters or the crazies and the question wouldn't get answered ;)

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  • I only have an issue when they themselves suck.
    I don't want to be associated with shitty people. So when their view is my view it kinda sucks lol.

    It is annoying when others misrepresent ideas. That just means footwork for me


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  • I'm frustrated when I can't express my views eloquently.

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