Coworkers accusing me of being a liar?

I have gone theough A LOT this year and its gotten tougher now fhat my coworkers are giving me bad vibes and think I am a liar. I understand some things I have said but I was also in a bad state for most of this year. And it's the stupidest things!! The absolute smallest things.
In my life, I have misunderstood people countless times. But I always approach them to get clarification, and thats the end of it.

I am sick of keeping quiet. They have not even approached me for clarification. Its very hurtful and a bad environment now. Should I approach this and give my side of the story or just leave it?


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  • give em your side... then leave it.

    • Pisses me off they never even asked for my side and go around assuming. Leave what? the situation or the job?

    • the situation honey... not the job lol.. keep your job. Im going through the same as well. I said my piece... and i left it (situation, not job). The way i see it, its not gonna go my way... but im gonna fight tooth and nail because i love my job... but apparently I do it too well so some people hate (and me) and got me in trouble. If im gonna go down, im going down swinging...
      You should get the same mentality too...

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  • Sounds like you are being targeted and become the office hot gossip topic do you know this can be seen as a type of bullying, think it's time you spoke to someone about this because sooner or later the bad vibes will affect your work performance and that will only be another flaw to add to the gossipers list about you, take control back, good luck.

    • How should i take control back?
      I am seen as the nicest person there to be bluntly honest. Im a major pushover and allowed this for so long. I think its time I approach them

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    • You're right people need to hear your side but the question is do they even care to hear your side for clarification, sounds as if by all the gossiping they already made their minds up about you and labeled you a liar on top, it may be a difficult task to give any clarification if their minds are already made up about you.

    • That is true. This is a tough situation and very hurtful and a huge blow to me as a person too.
      I can really say its a form of bullying, as childish as that sounds haha.

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