My hands start to shake when I interact with a girl, how to get over it?

Today i noticed this, so i guess it's a thing. I get nervous around people in general, and doubly so when i interact with a girl. Today, we were simply having friendly conversation at classroom, but again i felt nervous. When i had to take the pencil in my hand, i noticed that my hands were shaking. Anyone have any idea how to overcome this?

Help please.


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  • You need to force yourself to interact with girls more, the nervousness goes away with time AND experience.

    • This isn't going to be easy, but i guess it's what i have to do.

    • It wouldn't be any fun if it was easy!

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  • Remember she's a living breathing eating shitting creature just like you are man, girls aren't from another planet.

  • Hold no to a pair of ice cubes.

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