Have you ever liked someone who liked you back but no one ever did anything about it?

Whether it was because both or one of them was too shy to make a move or what, have you experienced this? Did you ever get over this person?


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  • Yes, two times but both were long ago. One was in kindergarten and the other in elementary school. I liked them in the respective times I was with them but I didn't know what to make of those feelings. And now that I think back about it, I come to the realization that they did indeed like me back.

    But of course I was too young and stupid as well as shy to see that back then.

  • Yup, friends sister. Same with a woman at work, we're both managers but keeping it out of the workplace even though we flirt quite a bit.


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  • Yessssss :(
    And I was so shy, I couldn't even smile back at him. He'd always look at me like I was the only girl in the room, and he'd smile every time. It made my heart melt, my knees weak. What's better, is that I looked like absolute crap. Giant t-shirts and baggy pants, my hair in the most disgusting of buns, I really had a slovenly appearance (still do). And he STILL looked at me like he was seeing someone beautiful. He was very good looking, smart, and nice. I felt like I honestly didn't deserve someone like him.

    I was so shy and insecure that I never smiled back.

    And one day, too late of me, I finally had the cojones to ask him out. But I was too late. He already had a girlfriend. And now they have a child, probably more, and maybe even married.

    I'm still not completely over it and if I could go back, I would at least have smiled back at him and talk to him to let him know I was very interested.
    We've talked very few times before, and I've always wonder what could have been.

    • You know what? I would always smile at him (or try) yet he would not smile back so I just thought he must not be interested. Can people really be so shy around their crush that they don't smile at them even when the other person smile's first?
      I would ask him out but there is this girl he hangs out with a lot and I can't tell if they are together or not. I mean he still acts interested in me the way a shyer guy would so I would hope that if he really was with her that he would stop acting so into me unintentionally.

    • Yes. It's because I guess I it was a mixture of me being afraid, depressed, and insecure.

      I was afraid to get into a relationship. I was young. Like 15. We had this crush on each other for like I don't know, 3 or so years until he gave up and got into a serious relationship.
      Also, my sisters had gotten pregnant young, and they left the house. I didn't want to become a teen mom.
      And I love my mom and family. I didn't think he or any guy would be ok with the responsibilities I had. Which were, and still are, to work and pay the bills. Do the grocery shopping, clean, do laundry, set up doctor's appointments, and still go to school and get decent grades.

      Depressed because well, I was having lots of problems at home. Too many.

      Insecure because I've always been this way.

      I just didn't feel ready to date.

      Your crush may just have things on his plate that stop him from dating anyone.
      Have you ever talked to him?