What is going on in his head?

okay so me and my best friend from last year are kinda drifting apart but not at the same time. I mean, over the summer he and I used to talk and the beginning of the year we were closer than ever. Then his first girlfriend of the school year broke up with him basically just cuz she wanted to and he was crushed. I think he was heartbroken because he barely spoke with me or when we did he was kinda short with me (which I hate SO much). Since he got with his current girlfriend however, he's been talking to me a lot more in person but not so much outside of school. Today he was kinda pissy but probably cuz I'm annoying af lol Anyways, what's going on? I mean, I know people don't change but it kinda threw me for a loop. Is he trying to go back to the way we were because I told him I missed or is he doing it because he wants to? In case you couldn't tell he's a guy if that makes a difference and any insight is appreciated :) 🐢


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  • Can you provide some examples about how he is pissy? The reason why your friend is not talking to you that much outside of school is because he does not want his current girlfriend to get jealous. High school girls get jealous very easily.

    Since he is crushed by his last girlfriend, it is very common that he will cut contact with anyone, not just you. So after his break up, there is little to worry about when he distant away himself from you. If you do not like being distant, you can always offer him support and maybe take this heart (a bit too late now).

    I don't think that he is really pissed at you after all.

    • Well I said he was pissy because he answered me with "omfg what tiff?" So yeah I think he was just angry in general. Thanks!

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    • I believe I wrote "Hey are you busy? I have a question" I had to ask about a homework thing

    • He's just playing cool. It is very unlikely for a guy to be pissed from this small kind of thing.

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