Any video editors out there? I need suggestions for a good freeware editor?

IM after some free video editing software with no water marks. In particular, i need to be able to edit 2 video clips to play side by side.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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  • i think adobe has something like this, there should be a free trial version on their homepage.
    i think you could expand the time you can use it SOMEHOW...
    i also have photoshop and got the extended version for CHEAP MONEY
    get the hint..

    • this is like a one off thing. i dont want to spend any money on it lol.

      i'll check out the adobe free trial though, see if that works

    • you didn't get the hint :D
      there is a way to extend the trial time :D ;) ;) ;) ;) :D

  • Windows Movie Maker

    • I use both Windows Movie Maker and . My choice depends on the type of the video I'm going to create. The Movie Creator is more suitable for my videos, when I want to add some uncommon special effects.

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