Guys, is it worth going to Uni if you are a unpleasant person?

I want to to got Uni next year, however i am very independent and dislike a lot of people around me and i am quite nasty unfortunately. I am not interested in making long term friends or relationships and i am only interested in stuyding. I will be sharing a FLAT with 4 other people.


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  • Just because you're not a people's person, don't mean you shouldn't go and pursue your career in uni or something.

    • Yeah, i know but i just don't think people will like me, i have very controversial views and i wished i would stay at home.

    • Who cares about people liking you? You can always try and take online courses if you hate people that much. I'm currently bridging for my Registered Nurse online. I can take about 70% of the classes online except for the practicums.

    • I want to go to a uni with good reputation, my field depends on reputation.

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  • Rush for ATO asap if you wanna be successful

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