Maybe world needs world war 3. What do you think?

everyone is high on drug and at least they dance on the drug dealers singing


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  • Those who ask for war, do not understand war. I study war, combat and conflict so I do not have to fight. War is brutal, expensive, and an absolute last result! Are you, yourself willing to fight and die yourself? If not, then don't ask others to do it for you.

    • It will solve lots of problems like over population, garbage disposals, moral issues, commitment for their own country. It's necessary at this point when everyone is just wasting their time and money

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    • Of course to quote Isaac Asimov
      “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”
      as I am neither incompetent nor lazy I am sure that there are better solutions

    • If I am God, I would approve war

  • Imperial Tobacco can sponsor it.
    They have earned enough money screwing up people's lives to do so, and they got no problem with killing people.

  • World war 3 is inevitable, its what has to be done for certain things to happen. Even more sadly its not far away few years from now maybe 10 or less.


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