How do I have an attractive and charismatic personality?

How do I change my personality into this?

Why is it so hard for me not to be selfish?


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  • Attraction takes action with the intent of connection. If you're stuck in your own head, feeding your own needs, that will make you seem needy, selfish and gross.

    Practice empathy. There's a reason we fear people labeled "sociopath" ... because they don't have empathy.

    Empathy just means constantly putting yourself in other peoples shoes in order to experience what they're experiencing. This is both good for giving us perspective on ourselves, and it bonds us with people.

    If you want to be more charismatic you basically have to be more empathic with people you meet. Because it implies that you're going to be listening intently, and caring about what others are saying. And most people LOVE to feel heard and felt. Which will make then FEEL like you're charismatic and fun to talk to.

    Also... learning to be good at telling stories is a nightly plus. Because it invites people to experience life in YOUR shoes. So make those stories interesting and fun.

    Does this help or am I WAY off?

    ~ Robby

    • Yea it's help...

      I am a good listener and good at SEX but it's the socialization that gets in the way...

      How do I go from uncomfortable conversation with someone who barely knows me to sex?

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    • I don't know really...

      Sex is over rated.. I mean, it's NOT...

      But you can pay for it and skip all the bullshit...

    • Hahaha, you're totally right!

      Getting strong social skills comes with practice. And I don't mean practice while on a date with women. I'm serious... force yourself out of your comfort zone and start talking with people more. The guy in line who's buying something you've never tried. Or that old women cashier who's got a fancy bracelet on... ask her about it.

      It took time but I've become really fascinated with the way other people think and live, and it makes talking to them easy and fun. And in return I feel good, and happy.

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