Girls, Is this still too long?

So I have long hair to my shoulders & I'm thinking of cutting it (for a number of reasons) and was wondering if this is still considered too long because I don't know if I'd like my hair short like a caesar haircut (aka long on the top short on the sides typical guys haircut)...

Matthew Mcconaughey in the movie Mud
Girls, Is this still too long?Dylan Rieder

Johnny Depp in the Secret Window

  • Yes, I think that's still too long for my liking...
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  • No, that's borderline any longer and it would be too much
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  • Other... explain in the comments
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  • I'm not picky like that if a guy has nice hair it doesn't matter if it is long or short (I wish most girls thought like this but in my experiences they don't)
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Also post a pic of the maximum length that you would tolerate... please & thank you.


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  • Thats not too long at all, I like itπŸ˜› but it doesn't really matter, is your hair and if u feel comfortable with any haircut, then u are gonna rock it!

  • I love love love that hair length on guys πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

    • I use to bring a photo of Johnny from the Secret Window to the hairdressers back in the day to get my hair cut.

  • I thunk it looks fineeee. ;)

    • Weird, my hair is 3-5 inches longer and I posted a question and most girls wanted it gone...

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    • So I guess I should cut 3-5 inches off then ;)

    • Whatever floats your boat 😊

  • It doesn't make a difference to me about the guys hair style. But I'd still like to see a picture of you for a better opinion of your hair.

  • i like it :p

    • which style do like most?

  • it's your hair, cut it how you want and the right girl won't mind.

    • I thought I met the right girl... than she left me for someone else and insulted & humiliated me in the process.

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